The hard life of a field biologist….

Our goal during your time in the lab is to get you to where you want to go, whether that is a job in academia, natural systems management, or other scientific careers.

UC Merced, established very recently (2005!), is skyrocketing. See a recent article that illustrates how UCM is accomplishing its original mission to provide topnotch education and research to an under-served region of California. Join us and come make a difference at this newest UC campus.

Undergraduate Students

Please contact us if you are interested in getting experience in ecological or evolutionary research.

We are always recruiting volunteers to help with the UC Merced Phenology Project.  Contact us if interested in getting involved.

Graduate Students

I will not be accepting graduate students for Fall 2020.  Thank you for your interest.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Please contact me if you are interested in conducting postdoctoral research within the lab. I am happy to discuss potential projects and fellowship and grant-writing opportunities, including the UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship.